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In our artwork reproduction studio we turn original artworks into print-ready digital files with a high level of detail and colour accuracy.
We produce a Master RGB file for print production and a low res version (LR) for web or client approval use.
Proofs are available on the canvas or fine art paper of choice. 
Our recent camera upgrade to the incredible 102 megapixel Fuji GFX 100S with the GF 120mm Macro R lens brings increased resolution and amazing quality to our master files.

Image Capture

Wix Org with proof_edited.jpg

© Helen Coulter

© Charlotte Wensley

● Turn original artworks into hi-res files
● 2 Options  Raw or  Master RGB
● Suitable for artworks from A4 up to 1.2 x 1.8m
● Files stored on our RAID drive and sent to you securely

© Helen Coulter

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